Plants along the wall

The agave plant only flowers once in its lifetime.  At which point it releases around 50,000 seeds so my first though was no problem there.  Only it seems most are eaten by rodents and other small animals and insects.  The rest are usually burnt by the sun or cannot sprout without water.  This plant has amazing abilities however.  The plant sends out runners that give birth to new plans and then stay attached like an umbilical cord giving the new plant everything it needs until maturity.  After that it can slow its metabolism based on available moisture.  Nurse plants like Mesquite, palo verde, acacia and iron wood trees fix nitrogen essential to other desert plants and shelter fragile seedling of other plants.    Many seeds that would otherwise die in the direct sunlight find shelter from these mature plants.  This all seems miraculous to me and starts to give me a feeling all is well they can take care of themselves.  However, once an area is used for grazing or a structure is built; the nursing plants and long runners are also destroyed.  The surrounding areas are then subject to erosion and dust storms.  Establishing plants again is very difficult and can take many years.

For all the conversations about building a wall one would believe that nothing exists at the present time.  Instead there are about 700 miles of wall.  Some of this wall is a double wall with no man land in between.  Plants are either non-existant or facing extinction.  More Trump volunteers have offered their time and equipment to build more walls.  What about environmental laws before anything is built.  Haven’t those led to protection?

Under President Bush  the REAL ID Act was put into place.  It allows the secretary of homeland security to exempt the wall from environmental assessments or legal challenges because of national security.

There was a time when I would have been aware of this from the nightly news or at least a good newspaper.  No, now one has to look up information on a specific issue on the internet, read a book or happen to read the right magazine.  In other words it seems to me that news is so fragmented that you must be aware of the issue before you find out about it.  I’d love to hear other opinions on this maybe I’ve been lazy.














Author: theborderwallconversations

Love to read. Usually one book a week. Artist. Activist for many things but have spent many years building, lobbying for affordable housing. Very interested in the wall and its many costs besides immediate monies.

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