In Further conversations about the wall – The Disappearing Jaguar

How little I know about the natural world and it seems I’m not alone.  I thought the majority of Jaguar were black.  Seems that is a very rare mutation.  So how could I be expected to know that we only have one Jaguar left in the United States.  El Jefe was 7 years old when the article I read was published sometime last year.  Their life expectancy is 12 – 15 years so he is middle aged and no female in sight to mate with.  Maybe one will still find him before the wall cages him in for good.

The USFWS estimates that the wall will “potentially impact” 111 endangered species, 108 species of migratory bird, four wildlife refuges and fish hatcheries, and an unknown number of protected wetlands.  See report

Let’s just look at wolves.  We have brought them back in several Western States to the North.  But near the border?  A wall would cut off populations of wolves north and south of the wall.  Populations are down to just 100 or so in the area just north of the wall.  Only a few dozen are south of the wall.  This is a genetic bottleneck.  This is too small of a population for healthy breeding.  I saw a documentary on how adding wolves changed an entire environment.  So wish I could remember the name but at the time I wasn’t trying to write a blog.  What I learned was that top predators are needed to maintain a balance. I’m not a scientist; just an artist trying to get people to care and do more research on their own.







Author: theborderwallconversations

Love to read. Usually one book a week. Artist. Activist for many things but have spent many years building, lobbying for affordable housing. Very interested in the wall and its many costs besides immediate monies.

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