Conversations About the Wall – At least 7,000 people led by one coyote crossed the border on bicycles.

AT least 7,000 people led by one coyote crossed the border on bicycles.  This occurred in a place outside of Tijuana where triple fences had been built and sensors were placed in the ground.  Because if the incentive is strong enough nothing can stop people.  This information came from the Book The Coyote’s Bicycle,  written by Kimball Taylor.

The coyote had come from Oaxaca and had wanted to cross himself.  After being robbed and then used to recruit others who wanted to cross he spent time just watching the border and crossings.  He realized the sensors were built to detect running.  So smooth riding bicycle tires didn’t set them off.

The farmers on the US side keep finding hundreds of bicycles.  They were recycled first to Hollywood pictures and finally and way above the cost of a new bike bought by the military to set up a staged villages for training because of their patina.  You have to read the details yourself.  An amazing true story.

The walls were built even though it was a fragile environmental area and had originally been designated as set aside to preserve species, but after an act was passed to be able to ignore anything environmental;  the canyons and wetlands were covered over.  So the animals and plants died, but the people still crossed.  We know at least 7,000 came by bicycle because the bikes could be counted.  Many others crossed as well.

A community that had existed where even communion was passed through the border walls was destroyed as well.  Who profited.  Only the construction companies.  Everyone else lost yet we hardly heard about it.

How many people cross into Canada illegally.  I’m sure some, but other than during the Vietnam war there has been little incentive.  Wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper to simply change our laws.

If there were no jobs waiting for them they wouldn’t come.  They know if they make it in they will be hired.  And they are needed.  Ask the Georgia farmers who couldn’t harvest all their produce last year.  Lets make laws that let them come in documented to work for specific companies and fine the companies that don’t comply.  Instead of hiring more border guards hire people to find these companies that are breaking the law.  If there are laws to allow companies to hire legally and compensate fairly we won’t need a wall.  People not chosen to come here and work won’t have the incentive to come illegally.





Author: theborderwallconversations

Love to read. Usually one book a week. Artist. Activist for many things but have spent many years building, lobbying for affordable housing. Very interested in the wall and its many costs besides immediate monies.

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